5 random things!

I was tagged by gisellecwestart to post 5 random things …. Always good to be self reflective right?

Here it goes:

1) i think im spiritually connected to the tumblr of artist rubyetc and everyone needs to check out her work asap.

2) ive used the same gum eraser since grade 10 art class and if i lost it i think i would cry. It works perfectly and the name has rubbed off so i have no idea what brand it is.

3) i am a hoarder of all things paper, cardboard, or potentially useful in matters of art. Like that wrapper, or that bus ticket blowing in the wind.

4) my dentist gave me the plaster cast of my teeth because im an “artist and you never know what sculpture it could be used in” And i agreed.

5) i am bad at lists.

Who is your favorite artist?
Asked by: suloisinilluusio

Although I have been a long time fan of James Jean , this is a really hard question to answer!!!

I always pick artists I like and group them together by medium, period, style, etc so it makes this almost impossible to answer without boring you with a huge report.  I did however make a list a while back of some favourite illustrators that you can check out here and have an art inspo blog full of goodies here.

Hopefully this will suffice!

Also for some great humor check out rubyetc .

Thanks for the question! 


Im so behind :’(

This is what severe art deprivation feels like. I dont know whats worse, the nausea or my empty sketchbook.

So close to 200 followers!

you guys are the best! seriously though, we should get to know eachother better. message me, ask me, tell me anything I want to know where all this support is coming from  :)