Transforming an object: Wood Sculpture

"In its intended use the embroidery hoop allows for accuracy, precise detailing, and ease when following a pattern.  It’s used as a tool to keep fabrics taut while being stitched means the embroidery ring is part of the process of the craft and not as part of the completed work. To transform the use and meaning of the embroidery hoop, the sculpture reemploys the hoop structure through means of repetition, uniformity and the formal quality of shape. The embroidery rings are used here instead to, limit the boundaries of the idyllic landscape, create a dialogue between the multiple pieces, and use the shape to create a supporting structural frame. The change in relationship of the embroidery rings from an essential part of the process of creation to an essential part of this created sculpture enhances their meaning.

By being used as descriptive elements of the sculpture, the viewer is able to witness their role in the constant changes in sculptural form the piece as a whole can display.”

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